Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Classic Wall Decal -$2 SHIPPING


Marilyn Monroe Vinyl Wall Decal
Hollywood Icon Decal
Measures 22 x 23" INCHES

Classy and Beautiful.

Decals are printed on a VERY HIGH CLASS VINYL, to make sure your wall stays perfect and safe.Out vinyl stickers are perfectly removable, no residue.

Important notes:

- Make sure to clean your wall with a dry cloth/towel right before applying, in order to make sure the wall is dust free.

- For newly painted walls please wait at least 3-4 weeks before applying.

- Make sure you apply the decals to a smooth surface, NOT a textured one.

- For best results, after applying the decals, run over the stickers with a towel in order to get air bubbles out

Ships via"INTL WHSE-CN- Thank you for Shopping Everything-Hollywood"

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